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I. Phonetics (5 points)

Directions: In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letters or letter      combinations marked A, B, C and D. Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is      different from the others in pronunciation. Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding      letter on the Answer Sheet.

1. A. water             B. porter              C. daughter            D. laughter

【答案】  D

2. A. naked            B. addicted           C. smelled            D. rested

【答案】  C


3. A. structure          B. mixture             C. gesture             D. mature

【答案】 D

【解析】考查字母组合ture 在词尾时的读音规则。此题中的D项-ture是在特殊情况下的读音,读作 词意是成熟的.第四小题是考查元音字母e在单词中的读音。

4. A. honest            B. chest               C. harvest             D. forest

【答案】  B

5. A. feather            B. leather             C. strengthen          D. southern

【答案】 C


II. Vocabulary and Structure (15 points)

Directions: There are 15 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four    choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken

the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

6. —Bradford graduated from college with honors at a very young age.

—He         have been an outstanding student.

A. must              B. could              C. should             D. might

【答案】   A

【翻译】 Bradford小小年纪就以优秀的成绩从大学毕业了。


【考点】  语法结构。

【分析】 这四个情态动词,后面都可以接完成时态,但后三者都表示虚拟语气,只有A项是对发生过的事情的推测,结合前面的那句话,故选A。

7. None of us called the police when the two cars collided,         ?

A. didn't we          B. don't we           C. did we             D. do we

【答案】  C

【翻译】 两车相撞后,我们中没人叫警察,是吗?

【考点】  句法结构。

【分析】 这是一个反义疑问句;翻译疑问句在构成上是两部分:前面是陈述句,后面是简略疑问句;如果前面是肯定意思的句子,后半部分就接否定意思的简略问句,如果前面是否定意思的,后面就接肯定的。

8. Not only I but also Douglas and Miranda         fond of watching television.

A. am               B. is                 C. are                D. be

【答案】   C

【翻译】 不仅是我,而且Douglas和Micanda都喜欢看电视。

【考点】  句法结构,主谓一致的问题。

【分析】 主谓一致的问题是要看主谓在数量上要搭配;该句中not only ... but also连接并列主语,谓语动词采用就近的原则,因为挨谓语近的是两个人,故选C。

9. —May I have the          of dancing with you, Madame?

—Yes, of course.

A. pleasure            B. joy                 C. right               D. desire

【答案】   A

【翻译】 女士,可否赏光与我一起跳舞?

【考点】 词义辨析。

【分析】 have the oleasure of (doing) sth. 正规用词,表示“获得某种特别的荣幸做某事”。

10. Our president made a(n)          speech at the opening ceremony of the sports meeting, which encouraged the sportsmen greatly.

A. indifferent         B. inspiring           C. flat                D. dry

【答案】   B

【翻译】 我们的总统在运动会的开幕式上做了令人激动的讲话,这让运动员们大受鼓舞。

【考点】  词义辨析。

【分析】 A项中的indifferent是“冷漠的,漠不关心的”;B项中的inspiring是“激励人的”;而C、D两项中的词义跟句义更不相干,故选B。

11. Diana was reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, completely         in the mysterious work

A. being lost          B. having lost          C. losing              D. lost

【答案】   D

【翻译】 Dinna正在看《哈利波特》、《火星》,完全沉浸在那神秘的世界中了。

【考点】  非谓语动词。

【分析】 该句的主语是Dinna, 相对lose (迷失)的意思搭配,表示是读物让她沉浸其中的,也就是主语Dinna是“被。。。的意思”,故选D。

12. If I had known you weren't coming, I         a cake.

A. would not bake     B. did not bake    C. will not have baked   D. would not have baked

【答案】   D

【翻译】 要是我知道你不会来,我就不会准备蛋糕了。

【考点】 语法结构。

【分析】 条件句中提到:“要是。。。”, 分析起来是对发生过的事情进行跟事实相反的假设,故配套用D所用的格式。

13. Staying in a four-star hotel for a night costs       renting a house in the suburb for a month.

A. twice as much as    B. twice more      C. as much as twice    D. as much twice as

【答案】   A

【翻译】 在四星级的宾馆里住一晚的花费,比在郊区租一个月的房子多出两倍还多。

【考点】 语法结构。

【分析】 形容词的级别词,无论原级、比较级、还是最高级,若有数词加以补充说明修饰,数词都在级别词之前;本句还牵扯到“是。。。的两倍多”,其中包含原有的费用,故选A。此考点我在北京安通学校的辅导班课堂上至少讲过3次了。

14. In winter, traffic accidents occur         on the highway.

A. frequently          B. suddenly            C. usually             D. rapidly

【答案】   A

【翻译】 冬天高速路上事故频发。

【考点】 词义辨析。

【分析】 A项的意思是“频繁地,经常地”,侧重指动作发生的频率;B项的意思是“突然,一下子”;C项的意思是“通常,大多数情况下”; D项的意思是“迅速地”。

15. Only when I began to do it         that I had made a mistake.

A. I realized         B. I had realized        C. did I realize         D. would I realize

【答案】   C

【翻译】 只有当我开始做这事情时,我才意识到我犯错误了。

【考点】  句法结构。

【分析】 该句涉及到倒装句的知识点之一:当一个句子以“only + 状语”开头时,该句要倒装。

16. It was three weeks later         he heard the news.

A. which             B. that                C. after               D. when

【答案】  B

【翻译】 三周后他才听到这消息。

【考点】  句法结构。

【分析】  该句考察强调句,其句型是It is/was ... that/who ...;如被强调对象是人,用who或whom,其他情况都用that。特别注意:强调时间不用when,强调地点不用where,也不用介词 + 关系代词。

17. He         live in a remote and underdeveloped country than in this modem but noisy city.

A. prefers to          B. likes to            C. had better          D. would rather

【答案】   D

【翻译】 他宁愿住在偏远、欠发达的乡间,而不是这个现代但嘈杂的城市里。

【考点】 词语搭配。

【分析】 A项prefer to do sth.,或prefer ... to ...(两处省略的是名词功能的部分);B项的like to do sth.;C项had better后接动词原形,“最好。。。”;只有D项中,would rather 与than结合,表示“宁愿。。。而不(是)。。。”故选D。

18.  __   , Sam knows lots of things about philosophy.

A. As he is young      B. As young he is       C. Young as is he       D. Young as he is

【答案】   D

【翻译】 尽管Sam年纪小,但他知道很多有关哲学方面的事情。

【考点】 句法结构。

【分析】 四个选项中都含有as引导词,但由as引导让步状语从句时,被强调对象要放在as的前面。【由(al)though, even though, no matter ...,等引导时,都是引导词加陈述句。】

19. Today the energy problem becomes critical. It __    an immediate solution.

A. calls on           B. calls for           C. calls up            D. calls at

【答案】   B

【翻译】 现在的能源问题变得至关重要了,需要立即解决。

【考点】 短语搭配。

【分析】 call on:“拜访某人”;call at: “拜访某地”; call up:“给某人打电话,使。。。忆起”;call for:“要求、需要。。。”。

20. Dr. Zhang was always __   the poor and the sick, his private clinic often providing them with  free medical care.

A. tended by          B. absorbed in         C. concerned about     D. reminded of

【答案】   C

【翻译】 张先生向来关心那些穷人、有困苦的人,他的私人诊所往往给他们免费治疗。

【考点】 短语搭配。

【分析】 A、B、D如果跟句中的was连用,则表示A: 被照顾看;B: 被吸收进。。。;D:被想起。。。;C项中 be concerned about/for sth./sb. 表示:担心。。。,烦恼。。。,忧虑。。。,其中concerned 是形容词。

【总评】与去年考试一样,共15个小题,其中有10个题目考查语法结构,涉及到了虚拟语气2个(第6、12小题)、反义疑问句1个(第7题)、强调句1个(第16题It is……that……)、倒装句2个(第15、18小题,其中15小题是Only提到句首的倒装),还考到主语从句等等。

除了语法外,另外5个小题考到了三个固定搭配,其他都是近义词区别。这些咱们在安通学校的全程班里边都给大家讲过类似的搭配,语法第12题咱们在全程班原题都讲过,所以说只要是系统的跟着咱们全程班学习,这15分肯定没问题。 III. Cloze (30 points)

Directions: For each blank in the following passage, there are four choices marked A, B, C and   D. Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding   letter on the Answer Sheet.

The first snowboards were made in the 1960s. However, it was in the late 70s that they became more   21  . Throughout the 80s, more and more people began taking up the sport, even though snowboards were not allowed on most ski hills.   22   its earlier problems, snowboarding is now the world's   23   growing winter sport and most resorts (度假地) welcome snowboards.

In 1963, a Grade 8 student named Tom Sims   24    a ski-board for a school project in New Jersey. Then, in 1966, a man named Sherman Poppen   25   two skis together for his kids on Christmas day. He called his invention "the Snurfer," which   26   the words "snow" and "surf." In 1969, Jake Burton Carpenter received a   27   for Christmas. He soon began designing boards, and today "Burton" is a popular   28   of snowboard.

By the 1980s, snowboarding had become very popular.   29  , most ski resorts did not allow snowboarding because they thought it was too   30   . Since many snowboarders were young, many older skiers did not want them on the ski hills. The snowboarders had to go to the backcountry;   31   patrolled (有巡罗的) resorts.

Rejection at the resorts did not   32   snowboarding from growing in popularity. Eventually, the owners of ski resorts changed their views. They   33   that they could make more money by allowing snowboarding. One by one, the resorts   34   to welcome snowboards. Today, many resorts even set    35   special areas where snowboarders can practice their creative tricks.

21. A. spreading        B. popular            C. ordinary           D. interesting

22. A. Besides          B. Instead of          C. Despite            D. Because of

23. A. fastest           B. best               C. most slowly        D. most efficiently

24. A. discovered       B. found              C. planned            D. designed

25. A. bought          B. made              C. attached            D. mended

26. A. combines        B. mixes              C. unites             D. associates

27. A. tool             B. snurfer             C. board              D. ski

28. A. brand           B. game              C. resort              D. person

29. A. Therefore        B. Furthermore        C. Meanwhile         D. However

30. A. showy           B. dangerous          C. exciting            D. harmful

31. A. nearby          B. across             C. away from          D. close to

32. A. fail             B. involve            C. stop               D. drop

33. A. rejected          B. realized            C. fulfilled            D. denied

34. A. wanted          B. hurried            C. refused            D. began

35. A. aside            B. back              C. out                D. down


21. 【答案】  B

【考点】  词义辨析。

【解析】  该句是全文第二句,第一句刚交代:滑雪板运动是二十世纪六十年代发明的,结合全文第二段对滑雪板运动发展历史的讲解,到第三段的开头第一句:到二十世纪八十年代,该运动变得十分流行,再看这儿的四个词的各自意思,故选B.

22.【答案】 C

【考点】  逻辑推理加词义辨析。

【解析】  该句前一句说到:整个八十年代,尽管在许多滑雪区不允许滑板滑雪,越来越多的人,却开始喜欢该项体育运动。从所给的四个介词或介词短语的意思分析处,再看本句的逻辑搭配:(尽管)早期有许多困难,但它是今天是。。。,故选C.

23.【答案】  A

【考点】  词义辨析。


24.【答案】  D

【考点】  词义辨析。

【解析】  该句是:1963年,一位名叫Tom Sims的八年级学生,为新泽西的一个学校课程设计了滑板项目。从四个词的意思上来分析,A、B的意思相近,大同小异,故二者均不能选;C、D两词之后虽都能跟for,但C项“计划”与句中project相近,故只能选D,D的意思最适合本篇的逻辑搭配。

25.【答案】 C

【考点】  词义辨析。

【解析】  该句是说:。。。一位名叫Sherman Poppen的人在圣诞节为他的孩子们把两片滑雪板缚在一起。A:(购)买;B:制造;C:系、缚、捆、扎;D:修(理)。故选C.

26.【答案】  A

【考点】 短语搭配辨析。

【解析】 他把他的发明称为“Snurfer”,这个词结合了snow与surf。这几个词的搭配都差不多,但A:把。。。与。。。结合起来,使具有两样(的特性);B:把。。。与。。。混杂在一起(原来的二者就是你中有我,我中有你了);C:把。。。与。。。团结、联合(为一体)/合并;D:把人或事物联系起来;把。。。与。。。联想起来。比较清楚各自的侧重点以后,就不难决定了。

27.【答案】 B

【考点】 逻辑推理。

【解析】 从前两句话,尤其是前一句话,不难锁定答案B,排除另外的几个名词。

28.【答案】 A

【考点】 逻辑推理。

【解析】 该句意思是:他很快开始设计滑雪板,而且现在“Burton”就是滑雪板的一个非常受欢迎的品牌。结合前面介绍的情形及本句前半截,只有A最适合。A:牌子;B:(一)场、局赛事;C:海滨、滑雪、休养等的度假胜地;D:(个)人。

29.【答案】 D

【考点】 句法结构。

【解析】 结合本句前面的一句(是对上文的基本总结),再看看下文中大部分旅游胜地的做法,不难得出前后为转折关系,故选D。

30.【答案】 B

【考点】 逻辑推理。

【解析】 本句的意思是:因为他们认为滑板滑雪太危险,大部分的旅游胜地都不允许此活动。不仅是从活动本身来分析,还是看看后面那句话,就能得出此答案。

31.【答案】 C

【考点】 逻辑推理。

【解析】 结合本句前面的一句:滑板滑雪爱好者不得不到隐蔽的深山、远离那些有巡逻的旅游胜地。了解了上文中大部分旅游胜地的做法,不难得出滑板滑雪者们的选择,故选D,因为其他三个词的意思是非常直观的。

32.【答案】 C

【考点】 逻辑推理。

【解析】 该句意思是:各旅游胜地的拒绝没有妨碍该活动的流行;从后半句中的from可以得出本句为固定搭配。

33.【答案】 B

【考点】 逻辑推理。

【解析】 本句的意思是:他们认识到他们通过允许滑板滑雪活动,可以从中赚更多的钱。从此话前面的一句话看看(那些旅游胜地的所有者们交换了他们对此的观点);而且A、D两词意义相近;C的意思完全不符。故选B。

34.【答案】 D

【考点】 逻辑推理。

【解析】 结合本句前面的两句,再看看词的用法搭配:只有A、D两词可以与to连用,而A与文意不符,故选D。

35.【答案】 A

【考点】 固定搭配。

【解析】 该句意思是:现今各旅游胜地甚至为滑板滑雪者们留出特别的区域,这样他们可以在那儿练习他们那些别有创意的技巧。所给的四个词,只有A跟句中set搭配表示“留出、积攒”。IV. Reading Comprehension (60 points)

Directions: There are five reading passages in this part. Each passage is followed by four   questions. For each question there are four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose   one best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Passage one

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The trip to England includes:

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【点评】关于Free4Fun和ETC(English Travel Connections)联合举办的活动,是一则有奖问答形式的广告。


这篇短文形式类似于2006年阅读理解的题目,所问的问题也都是细节题,可以直接从文章中寻找到。只有第36题稍微要思考一下,13th century(13世纪)即1200s。

36. Rochester Cathedral was built in the         .

A. 1100s                                B. 1200s

C. 1300s                                 D. 1400s

【答案】 B

【解析】 该题为事实细节题。根据“... Other attraction are Rochester Cathedral, which was built during the 13th centery, ...”结合对世纪的背景知识的理解,可以获得。

37. What activities can you participate in during the trip?

A. Working as an advisor.

B. Learning German language.

C. Travelling with a guest family.

D. Enjoying sports and entertainment.

【答案】 D

【解析】 该题为事实细节题。答案可以从所给的旅行内容中第五点得出。

38. If you want to win a prize you have to send your answer to        .

A. the June issue of Free4fun

B. free4 fun@netlight.com

C. info@etc.com


【答案】 B


39. The persons who know         of Charles Dickens are likely to win the free trip.

A. the birth date        B. the home town

C. the major works     D. the writing style

【答案】 A

【解析】 该题为事实细节题。答案可以结合38题做,回头看看要寄的答案是全文第三个标题中的内容,稍加推理就能得出。

Passage Two

In 2000, with little but a bar and a church left to make it a destination, tiny St. James, Nebraska, was taken off state highway maps. Then the church closed, and the small farm village in the state's northeast comer looked set to just disappear. Thanks to five devoted women, it didn't.

In May 2001, after meeting with staff from the Center for Rural Affairs, the friends--Louise Guy, Vicky Koch, Jeanette Pinkelman, Mary Rose Pinkelman and Violet Pinkelman--opened a weekend market for vendors (小商贩) to sell handcrafts and local food.

"We felt like, what can we do to bring the community together?" says Mary Rose Pinkelman. "We decided to make a place to sell local goods." They set up shop in the church school, which, though closed for nearly 40 years, had been well maintained. The first weekend, 16 vendors took over an old classroom. The result was ah instant hit. Today, the market draws up to 70 vendors--who sell such items as homemade jellies, baked goods, hand-woven rugs, and farm-grown produce--and what Pinkelman calls an unexpected number of visitors. In the process, the market has made St. James a destination again, putting it back on the state road map.



40. According to Paragraph 1, what fate was St. James, Nebraska suffering?

A. The replacement of the church school.       B. The disappearance from highway maps.

C. The closedown of the bar.                  D. The set-up of a market.

【答案】 B

【解析】 该题为细节归纳题。答案可以从第一段的第一句:只剩下一个小酒馆、一座教堂,使得Nebraska的小镇圣.詹姆士,被从美国的高速路地图上除名了;第二句的主句部分:。。。注定要消失了,故选B。

41. St. James in this passage is

A. a small village                          B. a little farm

C. a tiny city                              D. a little town

【答案】 A

【解析】 该题为事实细节题。答案可以第一段第二句的主语得出。

42. What does the underlined phrase ~'an instant hit" (Paragraph 3) mean?

A. A fast blow.                              B. A sudden beat.

C. A big strike.                              D. A quick success.

【答案】 D

【解析】 此题为细节归纳题。结合第二段(介绍了先期的行动)、到第三段说起具体进展,以及接下来对该小镇目前情况的讲解,我们可以得出答案D,而且其余三个答案都有打击/失败之意。

43. St. James has been put back to the state road map due to

A. the efforts of five women                  B. the efforts of the Center for Rural Affairs

C. the vendors in the local place               D. the unexpected number of visitors

【答案】 A

【解析】 该题为主旨归纳题。要结合全文的头尾来看,尤其是第一段的最后一句、全文的最后一句:先是多亏了五位。。。;中间讲到大致过程,最后说起说起在市场的建设扩大过程中,。。。所以选 A;其他几个选项只是文中的局部细节而已。

Passage Three

Romeo and Juliet was probably written in 1595, when Shakespeare was a young, successful playwright. He had already written comedies and history plays, but had not yet developed his skill at tragedy.

The power of fate is strong in Shakespeare's play. Chance and evil eventually join to bring tragedy. Chance involves Romeo in a murder; chance prevents a message from reaching Romeo in time; chance brings about a deadly meeting in a cemetery.

Many Elizabethans were followers of astrology (星相术) and believed that the stars could control events. Thus, Romeo and Juliet are referred to as "star-crossed lovers" whose stars doomed (命中注定)them to disaster.

Elizabethans also had a concept of fate in the person of Dame Fortune (命运女神). By spinning her wheel, she could raise the state of a beggar or lower that of a king. One of the fascinations of Shakespeare is the way in which he put these ideas into the play.

One of the most difficult things to decide about this play is the question of responsibility. Did irresistible fate bring tragedy to Romeo and Juliet, or were they themselves to blame? The fact that this question is not resolved by the author also helps to make Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet a fascinating work.



44. According to Paragraph 1, Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet

A. when he succeeded in comedies and history plays

B. after he had developed his skill in tragedy

C. before he wrote comedies and history plays

D. when he was no longer young

【答案】 A

【解析】 该题细节归纳题。第一段就两句话。把第一句的后半截连同第二句的前半截结合起来理解,就能得出答案是A;其他三项都是故意与文中的事实拧着说的,起到干扰结论的作用。

45. According to the passage, chance

A. involves Juliet in a murder

B. sends Romeo and Juliet into evil-doing

C. causes late arrival of a message for Romeo

D. leads to a happy meeting between Romeo and Juliet

【答案】 C


46. The passage indicates that Shakespeare put           into Romeo and Juliet.

A. historical events               B. Elizabethan beliefs

C. his personal experience         D. political issues at the time

【答案】 B


47. What is unresolved about this play is

A. who is responsible for the tragedy

B. whether Romeo and Juliet are tragic characters

C. what the most fascinating element of the play is

D. how tragic fate can be avoided

【答案】 A


Passage Four

Friends become a child's chosen family. If his social life is going well, he gains confidence. If he has trouble connecting, it hurts and can make him feel sad and withdrawn and lonely.

1. Help your child communicate. Naturally outgoing kids have an easier time expressing their interest in other children than shy ones do. But you can help build this skill through practice. Ask your child about his favorite games and toys. Praise him for specifics when he shows interest in other people: "You were so nice to let Roger talk about his little dog. I am proud of you."

2. Keep play short and sweet. Parents should keep early play dates short, so no one gets too tired and everyone has fun. Schedule the next one soon after that, so kids can quickly build on their comfort foundation.

3. Know your child. If your child is bossy, talk with him and agree beforehand on which toys will be shared and which ones should be put away because your child just can't seem to share them. If you have a shy child, match him with a younger child so he has a chance to be the leader.

4. Help your child help others. Encourage your child to be a better friend by helping him include others in play. If you see someone being excluded, don't ignore it. This is an opportunity to work on your child's ability to understand others. "Rachel is being left out. That must make her feel very sad. Can you think of a way to include her in the game?"

5. Help your kids help themselves. If your child is the one who's being ignored or treated badly, teach him to speak up.




48. Which Word can best describe a child who is good at connecting?

A. Bossy.                                 B. Confident.

C. Proud.                                 D. Showy.

【答案】  B

【解析】本题为事实细节题。问题中的connecting一词,是在第一段第三句出现的;第二句说到:假如孩子的社交生活进展顺利,他就会获得自信;第三句是:若他在与人打交道方面有问题,。。。,两句 结合起来考虑,答案B是对的。

49. According to the passage, parents can help their children communicate by          .

A. showing their own interest in other children

B. encouraging their interest in other children

C. playing games with them

D. buying them more toys

【答案】 B


50. The phrase "left out" in Paragraph 5 is closest in meaning to"         ."

A. neglected                               B. criticised

C. not included                              D. not respected

【答案】 C

【解析】本题为词语理解题。做法四告诉我们怎么帮助孩子去学会他人。其中第二句提到:如果你看到有人被排除在外,不要不管;第三句:这是一个极好的培养孩子理解他人的机会;left out是在接下来的那句中出现的,其义只能是C了。

51. What is probably the best title for the passage?

A. How to Help Your Child Help Others        B. How to Educate a Shy Child

C. How to Communicate with Your Child       D. How to Help Your Child Make Friends

【答案】 D


Passage Five

Memory is the ability to keep track of things that have happened in the past. Memory really is learning. One needs memory to ride a bicycle. A dog needs to remember if it is to Come when called.

Memory is said to be stored in the brain as a "memory trace (记忆痕)." What makes up this trace is not known. Some scientists believe that certain chemical substances may carry certain memories. For example, one substance, when given to rats, causes them to fear the dark.

Other research into memory has to do with how the brain works. Psychologists use three means to find out how a person remembers. For example, give a person a grocery list. Let the person memorize the list, then put it away. The most natural way to find out how much a person remembers of the grocery list is to ask what he or she remembers. This is called the method of recall. Another method is called recognition. Give the person another grocery list. Ask him or her to choose items on the first list from the items that are on only the second list. Often a person will be able to recognize things that he or she cannot recall. A third method of finding how much a person remembers is called relearning. Here the person is asked to read over the first list. The person will probably learn the list the second time faster than he did the first time. The difference in the time it takes to relearn the list is thought of as a measure of how much a person has remembered.

One way of remembering something is to repeat it many times. Interest is very important. Boring lists of facts are much more difficult to remember than something that we understand and are interested in. Motivation, or wanting to do something, is also important. Motivation is linked with reward. For example, a hungry animal quickly learns how to do something if that action gets the animal food. In humans, wanting to learn is often motivation. The praise of a teacher or the knowledge that an answer is correct is rewarding.




52. We can learn from the 2nd paragraph that        .

A. bad memories may cause rats to fear the dark

B. it is hard to tell what a memory trace consists of

C. chemical substances carry certain memories

D. memory is stored in the brain as a substance

【答案】 B

【解析】 该题为主旨大意题。文章讲到:据说记忆储存在脑子的记忆痕里,什么构成这些记忆痕尚不知道,有些科学家相信某些化学物质可能就携带得有某些记忆,比如有一种给老鼠的物质,会让他们从而害怕黑暗。考生读完该段落,要明白C、D都只是该段中的一个用来说明性的素材,而A就是对最后一句的曲解,故选B。

53. The way to pick out the items on the first list from the second is known as         .

A. recognition         B. recall               C. memorization       D. relearning

【答案】 A

【解析】 本题为推理判断题。其正确答案可以从第三段中找到:在第二行中看出“回忆”能力的实验;接着就提出另外一个方法“辨认”:给测试对象的还是那份杂货单,但是要求测试对象从此单子中选出。。。,该小题题目中对句中的choose ... from ...,等于是提出了一个理解问题的出处。

54. What is considered as a measure of how much one has remembered?

A. The length of the list.                     B. The type of list items.

C. The time difference of relearning.            D. The time difference of brain working.

【答案】 C

【解析】 本题为词语理解题。第三段的最后一句,就直接告诉考生答案了:“The difference in the time it takes to relearn the list is thought of as a measure of how much a person has remembered.此句中的... is thought of as ...就相当于...is regarded as/is considered。

55. A good way to train an animal to do something quickly is to           .

A. make the action easy                       B. praise it in words

C. reward it with food                        D. weaken its motivation

【答案】 C

【解析】本题为事实细节题。文章最后一段第三行讲到:动机与奖赏有联系;接着就是拿饥饿动物在什么条件下会。。。来打比方,因此本题答案不难看出就是C。V. Daily Conversation (15 points)

Directions: Pick out five appropriate expressions from the eight choices below and complete the  following dialogue by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Jessica: I'm so excited! We have two weeks off! What are you going to do?

Natasha:   56  . I guess I'll just stay home. Maybe I'll catch up on my reading.   57  ? Any plans?

Jessica: Well, my parents have rented an apartment in California. I'm going to take long walks along the beach every day and do lots of swimming.

Natasha:   58  !

Jessica:   59  ? My parents will be happy to have you with us.

Natasha:   60  ? I'd loveto!

56.【答案】 I’m not sure.

【解析】 上一句说到有假期;这个空之后的那句中,有一个词(guess ...)可以暗示出答案。

57.【答案】  What about you

【解析】 前面说起自己可能。。。;空格后面又问“有什么计划?”,自然是要问对方的意思了。

58.【答案】 Sounds great

【解析】 对话中的Jessica上面说完了自己的假期计划安排,作为二人对话中的Natasha理应对对方的计划评价一下。

59.【答案】 Say, why don’t you come with us

【解析】 根据上面的对话,我们了解到:Natasha还没有决定假期内容,而Jessica的却很明白,而且Natasha也觉得很好,这时可以初步选定答案;再看空格之后有:我父母也会很高兴。。。,所以答案为邀请性的最好了。

60.【答案】 Do you mean it

【解析】 Natasha自己本无明确打算,在听说Jessica的美好计划后,理应就有羡慕之意,接着Jessica又邀请他同往,自然是有些不敢相信。

VI. Writing (25 points)

Directions: For this part, you are supposed to write an advertisement in English in 100 - 120 words based on the following situation. Remember to write it clearly.

61.你(Li Yuan)所在的酒店需招聘数名管理人员,请你写一则招聘广告。内容包括:





Job Vacancy

VI. Writing (25 points)

1. 评分原则

① 本题总分为25分,分5档给分。

② 评分时,现根据文章的内容和语言确定其所属档次,然后根据该档次的具体内容给分。

③ 纳入第五的的作文应取得至少两位阅卷教师的认可。

④ 字数不足100字的,酌情扣1至2分。

⑤ 拼写与标点符号的准确性视其对表达的影响程度予以评分。英、美式拼写均可。

⑥ 如书写较差,以致影响表达,将分数降低一个档次。

2.  评分标准:









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